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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.             Dedication. Expertise. Passion.             Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is composed of well-rounded and experienced professionals who work collaboratively to ensure each program cycle runs as smoothly as possible. 

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Program Director of Instruction & Initiatives

Jose Romero

Mr. Romero directly manages all of our program initiatives and instructional components. He also co-facilitates the HEROES Seminar for college mentors ensuring they are well-prepared for their mentorship practice. Additionally, Mr. Romero acts as the supervisor of record for all leadership team members. 


Program Director of 1:1 Mentorship Program 

Alexandra Green

Ms. Green directly manages the 1:1 Mentorship Program and co-leads instruction for all college mentors enrolled in it. ​Additionally, Ms. Green acts as the supervisor of record for all interns enrolled in the 1:1 Mentorship Program. 

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