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Program Enrollment

We currently have two FREE & VIRTUAL (zoom) programs at HEROES. Both are focused on supporting students throughout their high school journey. See below and select which program is best for you! 

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Will you be enrolled in a high school in New York State this Spring? Need some extra support in figuring out what colleges to attend, how to make your college list, how to write a college essay, how to manage your financial aid, or anything else related to your career? If so, we encourage you to become a HEROES mentee! We are looking for motivated and committed students to join our program for the Spring 2024 semester (February to May). 

An immersive virtual session program designed to support students in 9th-12th grade through career exploration, developing their leadership skills, and becoming college and career ready. Students are taught concepts, skills, and ideas that are not commonly taught in public schools.

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