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Mentor Experiences

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Brooklyn, NY

"I became a mentor because I like helping people and I want to be a therapist. This was a great opportunity to prepare for my future career. Throughout this experience I was able to improve my organizational skills. Overall, my experience as a mentor was fun, challenging, and productive."

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Williamsville, NY

"I became a mentor because I wanted to support a student during a stressful and overwhelming point in their lives. This experience was eye-opening, rewarding, and helpful. Throughout this experience I became a more effective communicator and got better at checking my phone and email."

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Niskayuna, NY

"I became a mentor because I wanted the opportunity to help someone figure out their future and career. Throughout this experience I developed listening skills, I was able to navigate difficult conversations with someone of a different background, and I became more outgoing and confident."

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Bayville, NY

"This was an exciting, rewarding, and life changing experience. The skills I developed throughout this experience were public speaking, helping people engage, and knowing how to talk to high school students about higher education."


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Ithaca, NY

"I became a mentor because I thought it would be a great opportunity to pass on knowledge to others while gaining some important skills in my area of study. I learned more about financial aid and social-emotional learning activities that I could incorporate into sessions and in my own studying."

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Bronx, NY

"Being a mentor is extremely rewarding to both the mentee and you. The mentee recieves that much needed and wanted support. You walk away from this knowing that you were able to help someone out with an important process in their life, and you can further develop your soft skills. I further developed my organizational skills."

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Mount Morris, NY

"I wanted to create a difference in students' lives and provide knowledge to them to help them reach their goals. I know I've had help and that help has led me to where I am now, so I want to give back and be that person that can elevate a student to the next level of their lives and dreams."

5438F4CB-8658-4184-8E5E-7B49C7F62882 - Aidan Reese.jpeg



Commack, NY

"I wish I had gotten help in high school with this exact type of material. I would love to be able to be that support for someone in need. It's a very rewarding program, and afterwards you walk away knowing you made a large impact on someones life."

IMG_4017_Facetune_21-08-2021-17-13-56 - Alexis Falvo.jpeg



New Hartford, NY

"I became a mentor because I want to help others reach their goals and strive for their passion. Everyone deserves empowerment, encouragement and motivation from an outside source. It makes them feel appreciated, valued and like they have someone who believes in them."

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