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What Our Mentors Say

"Teaching is not 'one size fits all'. I am here to first get to know my mentee, bond with them, listen to their strengths and weaknesses, help them assess their problems, and together we will come up with a way to make them more successful and knowledgeable in that problem area."

Sarah Sfeir - Sophomore at SUNY Geneseo

Mentee Testimonials

When asked about how HEROES helped him, Jaewon said, "Heroes program supported me with the high school life and prepared me for college. My mentor Phoebe was very kind to me every time we met and I appreciate it very much. I got help for starting to plan for college in this program and other things such as resume writing too. I hope to be part of the program again in the future."

Jaewon - 9th Grade Mentee
Thomas A. Edison CTE High School

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