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Student Experiences

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10th Grade; Brooklyn, NY

"[My mentor] was wonderful and kind hearted soul! She is great at working with students!"

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9th Grade; Queens, NY

"It was very helpful. I learned that although I did most of these things well, I learned how I can improve and make it even better. This program was very helpful in my personal development."

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12th Grade; Brighton, NY

"This program was helpful in both my personal and professional life. I am now better with time management and can manage sports, work, and school all at once."

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12th Grade; Queens, NY

"My mentor was always supportive and helped me along the way. I can use the methods that was taught to me to be organized and be a better version of myself."

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11th Grade; Brooklyn, NY

"My mentor and I had a session that focused on self-care and wellness and I was able to improve my sleep schedule and take steps to procrastinate less."

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9th Grade; Queens, NY

"My experience was great, I felt super comfortable. I was able to connect with my mentor very well, and she made it fun to be there. "

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10th Grade; NYC, NY

"My experience at HEROES was amazing. I enjoyed having a Mentor and getting to know what college would be like in the future for me. This program has made me see college from a different point of view."

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11th Grade; Bronx, NY

"I learned how to write a college essay and a professional resume through my mentor, which I believe is important for my professional development."

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9th Grade; Manhattan, NY

"My mentor helped me take care of myself and gave me tips. I was taught time management skills that helped me be on top of my school work."

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10th Grade; Brooklyn, NY

 "HEROES has been a great, helpful resource for development because I have noticed a growth in my knowledge in a professional setting."

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9th Grade; Queens, NY

"My experience at heroes was really great. I learned to be a more organized version of myself. My mentor was very kind and gentle."

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9th Grade; NYC, NY

"I felt welcomed and I felt satisfied with what I learned. This program was helpful in my personal and professional development because I took away a lot of key tips and suggestions."

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11th Grade; Queens, NY

"From my mentor, I learned that self-care is very important and that I will have someone to go to no matter what. I became a little more confident when thinking about the college application process"

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10th Grade; Brooklyn, NY

"I learned a lot about college and things I need to do to prepare for it. My mentor taught me a lot about student loans and dorming on campus."

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9th Grade; Brooklyn, NY

"I feel more confident in many topics that I previously had a hard time understanding, such as the college application process. I learned many valuable things from my mentor, such as internships, scholarships, college careers, resumes, mental health awareness, etc."

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