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"Closing the mentorship gap, one student at a time"



We seek to empower every student that enrolls in our programs. Students work on strengthening different skills that help them become independent, strong and capable leaders in the real world. 


We aim to inspire our students by providing mentorship, dedication, and passion. Our team members thoroughly plan ways to best support our students! 


We are committed to transforming the lives of our students by giving them the knowledge, resources, and real-life experiences. Every student should leave our program feeling satisfied and accomplished. 

The HEROES program helped me learn the different requirements that come when applying to specific colleges and studying a certain degree. It gave me great resources and tools to start planning for my post-secondary plan. Ultimately, the HEROES program helped me realize that I’m not alone and that regardless of what I do in High School, I will be okay because there were so many great people like our mentees who went through everything we’re going through, even the mistakes, and got to great places in their lives after navigating through High School.

Angie - 10th Grade Mentee

Program Model

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