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Become a Mentor


Who Can Join?

Are you looking for an internship experience with high school students?

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world and becoming a mentor? Would you like to be a champion for our most needed students? If so, we encourage you to become a HEROES mentor! The HEROES Youth Mentorship Program is looking for motivated and committed students to join our program for the Fall 2023 Semester (Late August to mid-December). 

Position Breakdown

Title: HEROES College Mentor

About: Fall 2023 Semester | Credit-Bearing Internship | Unpaid

Schedule: HEROES Mentors meet Wednesdays (starting Late August) from 5-7 PM via Zoom and arrange a time to meet with their assigned student (during specific weeks).

Number of Vacancies: For the Fall 2023 semester, we are looking to hire 50-60 students.


About HEROES: 

The HEROES Youth Mentoring program was designed in 2019 as a virtual mentorship program with an aim of helping underserved New York students pave a way for opportunities throughout high school. It is important for students to feel prepared during and after high school and our program provides 1:1 mentorship to help mentees throughout the state explore their career pathway and lifelong passions.


About Position: 

Our HEROES College Mentors: 

  • Engage in weekly seminar discussions about college success and readiness 

  • Meet with an assigned mentee on a bi-weekly basis 

  • Build their own mentorship curriculum based on their mentee’s needs/wants 

  • Plan, lead, and reflect on their mentorship sessions

  • Track student progress and growth using specialized benchmark systems 

  • Build a warm, inclusive, and welcoming environment for their mentee 

  • Act as a resource for their mentee by providing them with ongoing opportunities that will help them succeed 


Required Meeting Times:

  • Since this is a virtual internship, please note that the only two times you will have to be on Zoom are: 

    • Every Wednesday from 5 PM to 7 PM (for our HEROES Seminar) 

    • Your agreed upon time bi-weekly with your mentee (for 1 Hr)


  • All HEROES Mentors who are accepted into the program will: 

    • Attend an orientation in early May about what to expect and how to prepare for their mentorship experience. 

    • Attend a two-day weekend (virtual) leadership retreat on Aug 26 & 27th from 10-2 PM to prepare for the upcoming semester. 



Candidates applying for this role should: 

  • Be an enrolled undergraduate student at an accredited 4-year college 

  • Be able to receive academic credit for the internship (we cannot accept volunteers) 

  • Be available to attend the HEROES Seminar (Wednesdays from 5-7 PM) – make sure to check any other commitments before applying! 

  • Be passionate about working with students from different backgrounds and experiences 

  • Be committed to working independently during the rest of the internship time not in synchronous sessions 

  • Have a reliable internet source & laptop 

  • (+) Plus if you are bilingual 

  • (+) Plus if you have had previous mentoring experience 


Mentors will gain: 

  1. Fundamental experience working and collaborating with undergraduate students as well as one high schooler in either grades 9-12 

  2. A rewarding career experience supporting our most needed students

  3. Internship Credit (working with your host university)

Application Process

To Apply: 

  1. Update your resume 

  2. Complete this application 

  3. Once you have completed your application, you will be asked to upload your resume

Selection Process

  1. All candidates will be reviewed as soon as their application is submitted 

  2. Qualified applicants will be notified and invited to a group interview 

  3. After the group interview, qualified applicants will be notified of their candidacy 



Priority Deadline: April 9th 

Final Deadline: April 21st 



All accepted mentors will be invited to Accepted Mentor’s Day on May 7th (tentative). 

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