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program description

The HEROES Pathway to Success Program is an immersive virtual session program designed to support students in 9th-12th grade through career exploration, developing their leadership skills, and becoming college and career ready. Students are taught concepts, skills, and ideas that are not commonly taught in public schools. At the end of this program, students will become stronger leaders, develop an understanding of what it means to be college and career ready, and receive substantial support, advice, and guidance from experienced mentors and professionals. Students admitted in this program will be enrolled in all 4 courses and will engage in small cohort instruction. We hope students take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! 

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community BONDING

Every morning, students will have the opportunity to engage with students of their grade level. Our team educators will lead ice breaker activities, facilitate workshops, and engage students so that they are ready to begin their day! (11:00-11:15 AM) 

Career discovery course

The Career Discovery course gives students an opportunity to explore different careers within our society. Students will learn about resources to guide their career choices, take personality/career assessments to guide their thinking, and will develop a career portfolio that will help them develop an understanding of the profession they want to go through. Students will also work on different projects that will aid their career exploration based on their grade level. 


The Leadership, Strength & Power course gives students an opportunity to develop their leadership abilities, identify their professional and personal strengths, and align their values to the power they hold in the world. Students will learn about different leadership styles, ways to develop their leadership confidence within our world, and will develop a leadership portfolio that includes a resume, a vision statement, and other resources to guide their leadership development.


The College Readiness course prepares students to learn about the ins and outs of higher education. Based on their grade level, students will learn about important topics about the college journey such as navigating financial aid, applying for scholarships, writing their college essay and many other topics. Younger students will learn what “going to college” means and will develop an understanding of the way higher education works. At the end of the program, students will strengthen their college portfolio and be ready to either apply or continue learning more about it.  


The Wellness Empowerment course gives students the opportunity to explore different aspects of wellness and self-care. Students will engage in activities to understand their emotions, participate in group based discussions, and learn about the importance of well-rounded wellness (physically, emotionally, and mentally -some may value spiritually as well-). At the start of the semester, students will build a self-care plan and keep track of their progress throughout.

Community seminar

Motivation, dedication, and discipline are key for student success.  In order to motivate students, we will be hosting community seminars for every program to:

  1. Highlight our students of the week

  2. Introduce a motivational speaker/message

  3. Deliver program highlights / announcements

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